TTOF NewsLetter

April 1, 2002
Vol. 1, No. 1

The Twin Towers Orphan Fund was established on September 13, 2001 to assist the children who lost one or both parents by the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001.

TTOF is not a disaster relief fund, but instead is a long-term higher educational and health care support trust fund with a life span of more than 20 years.

The mission of the Twin Towers Orphan Fund is to provide long-term higher educational assistance and mental and physical health care assistance for children who lost one or both parents in the World Trade Center, at the Pentagon, or onboard the four downed airliners.

Celebrating Grass Roots America TTOF was founded by W. Knox Richardson who recruited Michele Weaver, David Mills and a coalition of 35 independent public relations practitioners around the country.

Within weeks, the Twin Towers Orphan Fund was a national grass roots campaign supported by everyday men, women and children in thousands of cities across the nation.

Higher Education Assistance Program

On Feb. 14, TTOF transferred 51 percent of its then funds (approx. $1.6 million) into an account at a major national brokerage house that volunteered to open up to 800 “IRC Sec. 529” educational saving accounts, managed by Alliance Capital of New York under a program sponsored by the State of Rhode Island. This well-known program is the “CollegeBoundFund.”

Additional funding is being made available to ensure an equitable distribution of funds based upon the ages of TTOF registered children.

The children are the named beneficiaries with the TTOF as trustees.

Once the money is funded, it will remain in the account along with interest and periodic additional funding until withdrawn at college age for specific expenses approved by law or is abandoned by lack of withdrawals at age 22 and then returned to the general pool of funds available for others’ education.

Physical and Mental Healthcare Assistance

Each TTOF registered and verified child is eligible for Physical and Mental Health care assistance. All normal and customary mental or physical health care needs that are not being provided by other insurance coverage, charitable program or governmental aid will be eligible for reimbursement or direct payment to provider .

All guardians and surviving parents of registered children are urged to establish a medical and mental health care program for your children so they can receive regular services.

Please read the important information on the National Institute of Mental Health’s website about Helping Children and Adolescents Cope with Violence and Disasters:

Additional Assistance

Jan. 31 - Red Cross will provide $80 million for mental health care and uncovered physical health care and overall service support. Click here for additional information.

The National Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology has pulled together a list of credentialed psychologists who have volunteered to offer healthcare services to the victims and their families. Click here for additional information.

Special Offers to TTOF Families From TTOF Friends

From time to time, TTOF will provide special access to our families for free entertainment, educational and therapeutic opportunities.

In some cases, these programs are specifically funded and endorsed by the TTOF, but mostly there are listed here as a service to their providers and to our families. We have been contacted by and have discussed in detail the programs listed below with the providers.

We believe they represent excellent opportunities, but except where indicated, there are neither endorsed or approved by the TTOF and families should contact providers directly for details and benefit information.

For additional information on the the following special programs, please look to the next page in this newsletter.

~ Swim with the Dolphins

~ Teen PGA Golf Camp

~ Kids for Kids 2001 Summer Camps

~ A Child’s Retreat

Swim with the Dolphins: Exclusive to TTOF Families
Dolphin Therapy – Funded and Approved by TTOF

Dr. Elyssa Faye of Dolphin Therapy Innovation has contracted with the TTOF to provide unique in-water dolphin therapy at Marineland in St. Augustine, Florida for all TTOF children and their surviving parents or guardians. Dr. Faye, a clinical PhD. psychologist, is a leading authority of the use of marine mammals in treating posttraumatic stress disorders in adults and children. She will provide without charge her world-renowned three-day program for anyone with a serious desire to improve his or her well being through this unique program.

The TTOF has given Dr. Faye a grant to provide these services to our listed families. This benefit is not available to the general public or other 9/11 victims. Travel and lodging assistance may be available through her program. Contact Dr. Faye directly at (904) 824-3741. For additional information, please visit their website at:

PGA Golf Camp

The Tennessee Section of the U.S. Professional Golfers Associations (PGA) is offering a special summer junior golf camperships for TTOF youngsters with a strong interest in golf as guests of the PGA. Junior golfers with an established USGA handicap automatically qualify, others who have played the game and have some knowledge and a strong, serious interest and desire, may also qualify. The Camp is to be held for boys and girls ages 11 to 17 in Nashville from July 21-26.

Sponsored by the Shivas Iron Society, all expenses including transportation will be paid. They have room for 12 to 15 kids on a first- come, first-served basis. Interested parents should contact Mr. Dick Horton, executive director of the Tenn. Section of the PGA at (615) 790-7600. Mention the “Twin Tower Orphan Fund Special Junior Golf Camp.”

Kids for Kids 2001 Summer Camps

“Kids For Kids 2001” Is offering to send children that lost a parent or guardian on 9/11 to summer camp. All costs are covered. Camps available reflect a broad base of interests and religions.

They currently have hundreds of sessions reserved. Camps are located in multiple locations in NY and PA. To sign up, and for more details, please visit their Web at site:

A Child's Retreat

Friendship Ambassadors Foundation, a charitable nonprofit organization dedicated to world peace and international harmony, is extending its reach to help 9/11 children using arts and international culture as tools for healing. A free, four-day camp in Mahopac, N.Y. called “A Child's Retreat” and sponsored by the International Lions, will include artists, therapists, affected young people 16- to 22-years-old from all socio-economic strata, and international students touched by similar tragedies abroad.

The camp will occur on May 23, 24, 25, & 26 at Shrub Oak in Mahopac, N.Y. They are seeking interested young people, ages 16 to 22, to attend. (There may be some flexibility as to age.) Whoever is interested should contact Marlena Green, program director, at (800) 526-2908. For more details, visit their website at:

Editors note: world affairs are frankly discussed at these sophisticated, mature events. This not a traditional camp.

A Word from the Co-Founders

Despite its well-known name, the Twin Towers Orphan Fund is not a huge charity. In fact, according to the Washington Post, the TTOF is one of the smallest devoted to helping victims of the 9/11 tragedy.

Though considered small, TTOF was built and is sustained by big hearts across the country.

We began the long-term efforts of TTOF by offering 100 percent of all donations be used for the benefit of the children. During its first seven months, the TTOF administrative overhead was borne from the pockets of volunteers, by monies donated specifically for administration and by ancillary fund raising activities.

Despite the lack of administrative funds, through the hard work and good hearts of everyday people across the country, approximately $4 million has been donated. TTOF has been able to begin setting up individual “IRC Sec. 529” tax-deferred, educational savings accounts in the names of the minor children, assisting with expenses for the children currently in college and setting up physical and mental health care assistance programs.

We are neither professional charity workers nor big money philanthropists. We’re just everyday people helping everyday people.

W. Knox Richardson
Michele Weaver

How you can help
"We will not forget"  2002
Each September, month long fundraising efforts to benefit the children will be hosted across the nation.

Schools are running penny drives, individuals are hosting benefits, dinners and entertainment, and companies are donating a percentage of sales.

If you wish to be part of this annual national grass roots effort to ensure these children are provided for now and in the future, please contact us.

We will be providing “9/11 fundraising kits,” including information, ideas and resources. We will be setting up a web page specifically for September fundraisers, highlighting individuals and companies alike. In October, after all funds have been received, we’ll update the web page to reflect what each fundraiser was able to raise and personal stories you wish to share.

The money raised will be used to provide for higher education assistance and physical and mental health care assistance.

Based on statistics from the Oklahoma bombing tragedy, we anticipate a high rate of delayed stress syndrome cases, including possible suicides, sometime 1 - 3 years after the 9/11 tragedy.

Please help us in our efforts to prevent additional unnecessary suffering.